In the end we will find hundreds of books on this subject, that is why I want to clarify in advance that this book was not written to compete with others, nor to bore you only with knowledge and without application, but on the contrary to put a tool in your hands, not only theoretical, which has a good biblical basis, but is also accompanied by many years of ministerial experience, having pastored pastors for 25 years and congregations for 30 years. In all this time I have read about prayer, from the most basic and religious to the most mystical and liberal, from the most biblical to the most incoherent and almost heresy. In these 43 years of walking in the gospel, I have been able to experience changes not only in my family, but also in the families of the congregations that I have pastored, established about through knowledge. And models of prayers that you will find here, in addition to our Facebook streaming of “Believing Together”. My hope is that your family prayer life is revolutionized until you see the changes you have been waiting for.

Doctor Alberto J Guerrero and his wife Lucy, 33 years of marriage, are pastors in Bethel Chicago. Founder of the world ministry RAMR (Apostolic Network of Ministers of Restoration) which gives spiritual fatherhood to three other networks of the Fivefold Ministry in Chicago, IL and three continents, with more than 100 affiliated ministers. Rector, professor and faculty member of the University for Leaders (UPL). Founder of the International Federation of Chaplains and Human Rights in the Illinois Chapter. Founder of the Young Minds Ministry, where he develops as a mentor. Graduated from APJ Biblical Seminary (Chicago) with a Theological Diploma. At Morton College (Cicero, Illinois) he obtained a degree in Business Administration, and from Vision University of California a master’s degree in theology and a doctorate in ministries. More information and contact: